Eloisa James names THE RUNAWAY HEIRESS to her “10 Excellent New Romance Books” on BookBub

on April 27, 2021

Talk about a fabulous surprise! Look what popped into my inbox on April 22 from BookBub: Eloisa James’ list of “10 Excellent New Romance Books,” which included THE RUNAWAY HEIRESS! And she wrote: “Meg Tilly writes a perfect blend of scary and sweet romantic suspense novels, and though The Runaway Heiress sounds like a historical, it’s actually a bone-chilling story about a woman who goes on the run from a violent cop — her husband — and gets a job as the assistant to a bad-boy movie director. As a Golden Globe winner herself, Tilly knows Hollywood, and her authenticity makes the danger more bloodcurdlingly effective.”

Now I must turn the focus back on the famous New York Times bestselling historical author, Eloisa, or I should say Mary Bly, because that’s her real name. And on June 1—yes, this year—Mary is publishing her first book under her real name, a contemporary titled LIZZIE & DANTE that is so beautiful and moving that reading an advance readers copy made the taste of my own life all the sweeter. I was privileged to read LIZZIE & DANTE more than two years ago when Mary was polishing and honing this beautiful novel, and I was BLOWN AWAY. And here I am two years later, and still memories and images from the story will catch me unaware, tap me on the shoulder, reminding me to slow down, to savor, and so I do with gratitude in my heart.